15-18 November 2016
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The BES-CAS Workshop on X-ray Optics and Detectors was held to explore collaboration topics and mechanisms in support of the Protocol Agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), signed in January 2011 for cooperation in energy sciences. Basic Energy Sciences (BES), which wishes to explore collaboration modes in targeted research areas where U.S. participation is supported by currently funded programs, identified the areas of X-ray optics and detectors as having high potential for benefit to both the U.S. and the P.R.C. The 2nd BES-CAS Workshop will be held at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) and organized by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS.


Robert Hettel, SLAC NAL
Thomas Rabedeau, SLAC NAL
Tiqiao Xiao, SSRF/SINAP
Zhentang Zhao, SSRF/SINAP

Local organizing Committee:
Tiqiao Xiao    SSRF/SINAP
Jie Wang       SSRF/SINAP
Peirong Gong   SSRF/SINAP
Weifan Sheng   BSRF/IHEP
Peng Liu       BSRF/IHEP
Guobin Zhang   NSRL/USTC
Qiuping Wang   NSRL/USTC
Ying Fan       SSRF/SINAP
Zhengchi Hou   SINAP

Topics of this workshop:

  1. Nanofocusing Optics and Associated Positioning Systems
  2. At-Wavelength Metrology and Beam Characterization
  3. High-Energy and High-Heat Load Optics
Multi-function Hall
Huagang HNA Resort, No. 1 Yang Gong Ti, West Lake District - West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou, China 310007
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