4-8 November 2018
UTC timezone


Topics or Themes:

  • Radiation Chemical effects in solid, liquid, gaseous phases
  • Radiation biology and medicals
  • Radiation processing & facilities
  • Radiation technology application for novel or nano materials
  • Radiation technology application in industry, agricultural and waste treatment


Preparing Your Abstracts:

A. Your abstract must be written in English and formatted as a MS-Word.doc document.

B. Abstracts for presentations should be limited to 1~2 pages.Figures should be clear and have high contrast with black and white. All abstracts should include references, figures, and other graphics.

C. Please prepare abstract of your presentation basically using the followed template.


Submitting Your Abstracts:

Each abstract must be emailed to apsrc2018@163.com as an attached file of the MS-Word doc-format. The filename is assigned as “correspondingname_abstract.doc”.


Attention Please:

Abstracts Submission Open: 1st. Apr. 2018

Abstracts Submission Close:  31st. Jul. 2018   31st. Aug. 2018     30th. Sep. 2018  


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